Scottish Golf Union – Central Database of Handicaps

Central Database of Handicaps (CDH):

Elderslie Golf Club (Gents & Juniors only for now) is up and running with Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) and are now in a position where everyone can obtain their unique CDH number.  Ladies will administer their CDH as soon as possible.

Obtaining your Lifetime Unique CDH ID number:-

  • Access is through the PSI Terminal Main Screen, where you log into competitions.
  • Select Members Services.
  • Select Handicap Information and swipe your card.
  • Your Lifetime Unique ID Number is located at the Top Right Hand Corner of the Screen.
  • Take a note of this number.
  •  If you switch Golf Clubs this number will remain with you & you should inform your new Club of this number.
  • If you already have a number from a previous Golf Club, please provide this number to Match and Handicap.

To register with the Scottish Golf Union and access your Handicap Record.

  •  Log into the SGU website at
  • Select first time log-in  and then you will be prompted for your CDH number.
  • Set-up a user-name, after which you will be registered for CDH.
  • Please pay particular attention to the available Links which,  when accessed, will explain the uses & benefits to the Club Member.

Away Competitions

  • Your Lifetime Unique ID Number should also be provided to the host Club for Open Competitions,  assuming they are registered with CDH,  however not all Scottish Golf Clubs have yet registered.
  • Providing this number to Host Clubs will mean almost immediate update concerning any Handicap movement.
  • May we request all members playing in Away Competitions continue to use the Away Book for the time being, so we can cross check that we are receiving all the Away Scores.

If you have any queries, please contact Match & Handicap ( for more information and we will try to help.

Robert Hailey & Leslie Smith

Match & Handicap


Elderslie Golf Club, 63 Main Road, Elderslie PA5 9AZ | Telephone: 01505 320032