The Return of the Joker

We are pleased to announce the return of the Joker for the coming year. In the past the funds generated by our Joker competition has been an important source of revenue for the club. We hope that everyone will support the club by playing the Joker.

How It works:

To enter the competition simply buy a ticket from the bar staff, put your name on the ticket and enter the ticket into the draw pot.

Every Saturday at 5.00pm a ticket will be drawn from the pot. If your ticket is drawn you will get £20 credited to your swipe card.

If your ticket is drawn, in addition to the £20 you get a chance to find the Joker from the pack of playing cards which are affixed to the board beside the bar.

If you successfully locate the Joker then 50% of the total income to that date will be won as prize money. Obviously the longer the Joker stays hidden, the higher the prize money will be. (note that if you are not in clubhouse at 5.00pm on the Saturday then a member of the bar staff will be appointed to locate the Joker on your behalf).

Entry tickets for the Joker cost £1.

Your support for your club will be greatly appreciated and the funds generated by the Joker competition will be put to good use.

The General Committee

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