Unplanned Aeration Work

The weather since the turn of the year has caused significant complications to the maintenance of our golf course. The recent severe rainfall has added to these issues and the Course Manager has advised that the greens are having difficulty coping with the sheer volume of rain water. Puddles are forming easily on some greens and the greens are generally softer than we would wish them to be.

The Course Manager had originally planned to pencil tine and verticut the greens over the forthcoming few weeks. This is a fairly non- intrusive process and would not have affected the roll of a putt. Visually the greens would have been back to normal within a few days.

Unfortunately due to the recent inclement weather the Course Manager has recommended that further work to the greens is required.

Weather permitting on Wednesday 15th May the greenstaff will begin to vertidrain and verticut all the greens. This process is not as intrusive as coring the greens but it will mean that this coming weekend the greens will have aeration holes in them which is likely to affect putting.

The greenstaff will do all they can to ensure the greens are as smooth as they possibly can be but please be aware this work is necessary for the longer term playability of the greens.

Greens Committee


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