Tee Booking System goes live 4 Nov 2013

The new tee booking system goes live from Monday 4 November 2013.  Instructions on how to use the system are contained below.

With immediate effect the system will now accept online bookings for tee times from 4 November 2013 onwards.




1. Introduction

Reminder about registration

To use the online tee booking system all members are required to register. For information on how to obtain your log-in details and register see the following website article:


Going Live Date

The  going live date is 4 November 2013.

Trial Period

There is no formal trial period however like all new systems there may be some problems at the beginning. Over the first few weeks of going live we would appreciate any feedback from members on problems encountered or any observations / improvements that could be made. Please e-mail registration@eldersliegolfclub.com if you have any comments etc.

We fully understand that there will be a learning curve for the membership and the General Committee will offer as much assistance as possible to assist members in getting familiar with the scheme.

The General Committee would like to thank all members for their patience and understanding while we implement the new system.

Website Fixtures

The online booking system is not intended, nor will it be used, as a replacement to the fixtures book or the website fixtures calendar. Please refer to the fixtures book and website calendar for full details of competitions, tee reservations etc.

2. Tee Booking Methods

Playing times – Membership Categories

A reminder that allowable playing times and thus tee booking times are subject to the category of membership. Full details of allowable playing times are recorded in the fixture book subject to any bye-law changes by General Committee after publication of the fixture book. .

Tee Booking – In person at pro shop or clubhouse PC

Tee times can be booked in person. If booking at the pro shop then go to the Club2000 terminal in the pro shop and use your swipe card to log in to the BRS system and select your tee time. Advise the Professional verbally which tee time you have selected and provide any other information he requires. This is important to monitor ‘no shows’. Please also pay for any guest(s) in your party and provide the professional with your guest(s) names.

If you book your tee time via the Clubhouse PC next to the main lounge then advise the Professional that you intend to step on to the tee at your booked time. Again, this is important to monitor ‘no shows’.

If you are having trouble with the system then ask the Professional to assist. If all else fails, ask the Professional to book your tee time for you.

If you book an advance tee time on the Pro Shop or the clubhouse PC then please remember to report to the Professional when you arrive to play this tee time and to pay for any guest(s) in your party.

Tee Booking – Internet Bookings

Internet bookings are similar to booking in person. Use your log-in credentials at your home / office pc etc. and access the members booking module and select your tee time. To access the members booking module use the following link.


There is also a drop down link to the members booking module from the Club website under ’Members Area’ top menu item.

When you arrive at the club to play you must report to the Pro Shop and announce your party arrival and tee time booked. If you have a guest in your party then you will pay for your guest at this time.

Tee Booking – Telephone Bookings

Telephone booking can be used, however we would prefer that members use Internet bookings rather than take up the Professional’s time.

If you have no access to Internet or are unable to use the internet, but need to book a tee time, then telephone the Professional who will book the requested time on your behalf.

Tee Booking – by E-mail

Tee booking by e-mail cannot be accepted.

3. Casual Golf

Lead Times for Advance Bookings

Members can book in advance based on the allowances set for each membership category as follows:

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat after 14:30 & Sun.

Ordinary member – 13 days in advance
Limited Member – 6 days in advance
Restricted Member – 6 days in advance
Junior member – 6 Days in advance

Sat before 12:30

Members will be unable to book tee times in advance for Saturdays before 12:30.  Prior to 12:30 tee bookings can only be made in person at the pro shop.


Where balloted competitions and other tee reservations are scheduled (as per the fixture book) members will be unable to book tee times. Refer to Section 5 below for full details on how the booking system will interact with competition booking,

Number of bookings per day

All members can book up one time per day via the online system.

If any member requires to book more tee times in a single day then they must report to the Pro Shop who will book this tee time(s) on their behalf.

Reporting to pro shop prior to playing

All players – regardless of how their tee time was booked – must report to the Pro Shop prior to playing. The Professional will update the system with your arrival and take payment for any guests in your party.

No Shows

Failure to report to the Pro Shop may be regarded as a ‘no show’. The system allows the club to easily monitor tee time usage including ‘no shows’. Any member found to be abusing the system may have their advance booking privileges removed.


Advance bookings can be cancelled at any time prior to playing. Please note that the system monitors booking cancellations and any member found to be abusing the system by repeatedly cancelling advance bookings will have their advance booking privileges withdrawn.

Booking on behalf of playing partners

Members may use one of their two tee times for booking in their playing partner(s). For example, if your party consists of two three balls then you can book two tee times for these games.

‘Reserved for Members’

Where a tee time has been marked ‘Reserved for Members’ then members may still book casual golf subject to their normal playing and booking permissions.

The ‘Reserved for Member’ allocation is generally used on the tee sheet to prevent Visitors booking the tee time(s).

4. Visitors


Visitor booking is done through a separate booking module. Please do not use the visitor booking module for booking casual golf. It should be obvious if you are using the visitor module by the reference to debit / credit cards etc.

The visitor module is set up to allow paying visitors to the course to book 28 days in advance. When a visitor books a specific tee time the tee time will be automatically unavailable for booking from the members tee booking module.

Playing Permissions

The General Committee has agreed that the following tee times are available for visitors:

Mon, Wed, Fri – 09:30 until pro shop closed.
Tue – 10.30 – 12:30 & 14:00 until pro shop closed.
Thur: 10:30 until pro shop closed
Sun – 11.30 until pro shop closed

Visitors will be prevented from booking tee times during club competitions etc. These tee times will be generally designated ‘Reserved for Member’ on the tee sheet.

5. Competition Golf

Running Ballot Medals

Other than the normal restrictions as per Section 3, there will be no further restrictions on member advance booking on the days of running ballot medals. This means that members can advance book a tee time on days of running ballot medals and choose to enter the medal on arrival at the club.

If a member chooses to enter the medal then before play commences he must:

a) Report to the pro shop and announce his intention to play in the medal.
b) Swipe in to the Club 2000 system.
c) Obtain a sequentially numbered Score Card from the Proshop.

Members should be aware that if they choose to enter the running ballot medal then their tee slot may be subject to amendment by the Professional for example, a player waiting to play in medal may be added to the time slot.

Balloted Medals

There will be no change to the current procedure for forward booking and allocation of tee times for balloted medals. All tee times reserved for the competition will be blocked off in the tee booking system thus disabling tee booking of any kind.

Reporting to pro prior to playing / No Shows

All players regardless of whether they are playing in a Medal or playing casual golf must report to the club Professional before playing. Failure to do so may result in you being declared a ‘no show’.

6. Getting Help

Online Help

Help is available online via the many BRS training aids. We would encourage all members to watch the following video:


The above video shows how to book times and also how to cancel a booked tee time.

There are links to further help documents in the members booking home page


Registration Help

The registration procedure is detailed at the following link:


If you are encountering problems please e-mail registration@eldersliegolfclub.com . Include your phone number so that we can telephone you back if necessary.

If all else fails Telephone the Club on 01505 323956 and leave your name and telephone number and someone will telephone you back to assist.

Useful telephone numbers

For any registration or general queries telephone – 01505 323956

For booking / cancellation enquiries – 01505 320032 (Pro shop)

No Internet access or Unable to use the Internet?

Please contact the club if you have no internet access or if you cannot use the internet. We will make sure that you are properly registered and can ‘turn up and play’ at the club.



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