Competition “Sign In” procedure – Effective 01st April 2014

Medal Day:- Competition Entry

As of  Tuesday 1st April 2014 & for all subsequent Medal Competitions, the latest procedure for Medal Day Competition Entry, with associated Sweep & Twos, will be in operation.  Please refer to Members Area for full details.  A Summary is as follows:

Please remember Swipe Card on Competition Days otherwise, from 01st April 2014 onwards, no administration will be done on your behalf & you will be unable to enter Medal Competitions. As an interim measure, though,  for March Competitions ONLY,  if Swipe Cards are forgotten on Competition Day, please give details to Pro Shop and Match & Handicap will enter on your behalf. This support will cease on 31st March 2014.

Key points to note are:-

  • “Sign In” will ONLY be by Swipe Card & MUST be done prior to playing. “Sign In” after the round will be blocked.
  • Once Swiped, ALL entrants must press Competition Button. This is independent of any Monies collection.
  • Competition Entry confirmation will appear at the bottom of the PSI screen.
  • As well as the Competition button, 2 additional Buttons will be available:- Two’s £1.00 & Sweep £1.00
  • Choose options & press the appropriate button(s). Confirmation of your selection(s) will appear at the bottom of the PSI Screen.
  • Finally, press Finish to complete the “Sign In” procedure.

Those Members playing “For Handicap” will also be unable to “Sign In” to Competitions. In this case, please indicate to Pro Shop that you are playing “For Handicap” & they will pass to Match & Handicap the relevant information. Completed “For Handicap” Score Cards should be deposited in the Handicap Box below the PSI Terminal in the Hallway.

Score Entry & Score Card return will remain at the PSI Terminal sited in the Hallway next to the Main Lounge. You will be unable to perform Score Entry in the Pro Shop & returned cards will not be accepted by Pro Shop Staff. Score Entry will only be by Swipe Card only as Screen Index use will be blocked. Please place all completed Competition Score Cards in appropriate Score Card Boxes in the Hallway next to the PSI Terminal.

All Competition entrants must still report to the Pro Shop prior to playing.

Forward Booking (Club 2000) for Balloted Medals will be available on either Terminal at the times indicated in the Membership & Fixture Card Booklet.

Match and Handicap Committee

3rd March 2014


Elderslie Golf Club, 63 Main Road, Elderslie PA5 9AZ | Telephone: 01505 320032