Winter Programme 2014/ 2015

Below is a summary of work that is planned to be undertaken this winter.

Practice Ground

Install further drainage to improve PG. Initial thought is two drains running left to right across PG into new main drain.

Hole 1

Install four drains in remaining rigs on first.

Core fairway from over burn up to bunkers.

Hole 3

Investigate potential drain on left hand side of green and short left of green.

Thin out trees at rear of third green (contractor)

Replace turf on bare area to left of the green

Hole 5

Install winter tee

Hole 9

Remove half of tree/bush on left hand side of fairway

Hole 10

Smooth out bump at top of ridge to allow better maintenance.

Hole 11

Work to improve ground just off left hand side of the tee.

Hole 12

New path to be installed as test for potential use at 13th.

Hole 13

Remove trees off of tee and down the hill so that all parts of current back tee can be used.

Install mat on front small tee to be used as winter tee.

Hole 17

Continue investigation of wet/soft area on left hand side of green and short left of green.

Hole 18

Returf new 18th tee

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