Junior Update


My name is Craig Campbell and I am currently supporting the junior set up with phenomenal assistance from Scott, James and various parents.  Our aspiration is to get the juniors (at all levels) to enjoy golf, get out on the course and when ready get that much desired handicap.  The past few months has witnessed great determination from the juniors, braving the brisk Scottish weather to play in the Sunday medal teeing off at 11am.  Although no official junior medal is currently running (as with all medals) the tee remains available for the juniors to keep their game in shape, please feel free to turn up, book a time and show your Mum, Dad, Guardian how determined you are!  If parents wish to know more please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Scott for details of the junior set up and aspiration.

We held our first Junior Committee meeting Nov 14 which was well represented with the junior committee taking full ownership.  Additional attendees were myself, Scott and David Burns (future Captain).  Numerous items were discussed by the juniors with David taking the relevant points to the AGM.  The below points were approved/discussed:

Juniors are now allowed in snooker room when playing with a senior adult (over 21)

The club has kindly approved the purchase of polo shirts for both the Junior Captain/Vice Captain and the Newton Shield team.

Newton Shield team were discussed, with a proposed team being picked.

Terms of Reference were accepted for Junior Captain/Vice Captain.

Dedicated clubhouse space for juniors was discussed; this will be discussed at the AGM.

A Sunday medal book will be crafted to support the following details for all juniors participating in medal:

  1. NOK Details
  2. Membership details
  3. Guardian “Golf Handout” to include signing in details/clubhouse etiquette/separate shoes, clothes etc for child after medal.
  4. Blue tees have now been established for junior medal on all 18 holes.

What is obvious from my point of view is the determination and loyalty shown from the Club, it is clearly apparent they fully wish to embrace the junior set up (and parents alike) to make this a positive and thrusting junior culture.  The support from Scott in respect to lessons and sacrificing his own time and the dedication is being enjoyed by all juniors that attended lessons.

Craig Campbell:    c.campbell01@ntlworld.com

Scott McGrenaghan Elderlie Pro:     fpusamcgrenaghanscott@hotmail.com





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