4 Ball Charity Day

A  5am star witnessed the commencement of the 4 game charity challenge, the 4 players were excited (if somewhat sleepy) to get underway. Off we went to try and play the 4 games in under 14 hours, this was fully approved by the club who were brilliant in there support. Imagine the shock and jubilation as James started the first round with a hole in one at the second “what a start”. The rest of the round was taken seriously as we were hoping the combined stableford scores (from 2 best scores each hole) would win us a prize through the just giving page. First round complete at 0745 with a total of 86 points, we walked straight onto the first to commence the next round.  That was complete by 1115, with 88 points. Prior to the third round the club supported complimentary rolls and drinks to boost our moral (amazing what a role and sausage can do!). The third round was starting to take its toll with various aches and pains starting to show amongst us all, however we plodded on supported by jovial banter and cola cubes, the scores reflected our pain with a total of 85 points. We stepped onto the tee for the final time at 3pm, and hobbled our way to victory, numerous  pain killers were utilised in this round to assist old man backs and knackered knees. We proudly walked down the 18th at 6:15 to be meet with family and friends, what a day, a fantastic success fully supported by all.

So far we have raised just over £700, with some more expected over the next few days. Paul who has recently recovered from his cancer battle presented various prizes to the golfers. So in summary, great company, great course and staff, great feeling and great charity.




Elderslie Golf Club, 63 Main Road, Elderslie PA5 9AZ | Telephone: 01505 320032