• Juniors do well in Cochrane Castle Junior Open 04 Jul 16 Juniors do well in Cochrane Castle Junior Open 04 Jul 16

    It was pleasing to witness 3 of the top 4 winners at the Cochrane Castle Open are from our Junior members. Jack Tourish took the No1 net score with a superb round, closely followed by Ben Campbell coming 3rd in net score with young Rhys taking 4th.  Well done the boys.                

  • Juniors take on Newton Shield Champions Juniors take on Newton Shield Champions

    Elderslie Newton Shield team were made extremely welcome at the current Champions, Old Ranfurly.  A lovely night witnessed the two teams battle it out on a difficult course (especially if you have not played it before), Their first 3 golfers were all 5 or below, our top players battled well,  however the quality of golf from Old Ran gave us little chance.  Both Heather and Lewis were beat by the eleventh, with Ben holding onto the fourteenth.  However the “Young Team” of Evan and Jack T recoverd 2 points with good wins. Especially when tied on the 18th green and with similar 15ft puts  I suggested both players (Evan and his Old Ran player Aaron) halved the hole, Aaron was up for it, Evan declined then holed the putt to win !!!. Food and speeches were fantastic, I suspect Old Ran will again lift the trophy with their quality of players, I wish them good luck. Overall a great tournament that has witnessed our young team grow, a few more years and I predict we will win this trophy, especially with our strong Junior set up and full support from both Scott and the club. Scores: Lewis Greenless (8) lost 8/7 Ben Campbell (8) lost 6/4 Heather Mushet lost 8/7 Caolan McGoldrick (11) lost 4/3 Evan Cole (26) won 18th Jack Tourish won 4/3   Reserves Jack Burns won 9/8 Rhys McIlroy game ended early   Results so far: Caldwell away – Halved Erskine at home – Elderslie lost 4.5 to 1.5 Old Ranfurly – […]

  • 4 Ball Charity Day 4 Ball Charity Day

    A  5am star witnessed the commencement of the 4 game charity challenge, the 4 players were excited (if somewhat sleepy) to get underway. Off we went to try and play the 4 games in under 14 hours, this was fully approved by the club who were brilliant in there support. Imagine the shock and jubilation as James started the first round with a hole in one at the second “what a start”. The rest of the round was taken seriously as we were hoping the combined stableford scores (from 2 best scores each hole) would win us a prize through the just giving page. First round complete at 0745 with a total of 86 points, we walked straight onto the first to commence the next round.  That was complete by 1115, with 88 points. Prior to the third round the club supported complimentary rolls and drinks to boost our moral (amazing what a role and sausage can do!). The third round was starting to take its toll with various aches and pains starting to show amongst us all, however we plodded on supported by jovial banter and cola cubes, the scores reflected our pain with a total of 85 points. We stepped onto the tee for the final time at 3pm, and hobbled our way to victory, numerous  pain killers were utilised in this round to assist old man backs and knackered knees. We proudly walked down the 18th at 6:15 to be meet with family and friends, what a day, a fantastic success fully […]

  • Charity day in support of Macmillan Nurses Charity day in support of Macmillan Nurses

    Four members of the Club are conducted a charity day on the 20 Jun 16 to support Macmillan Nurses. Organised by Peter Armour he wishes to raise funds to support the continuing fight against cancer.  His brother Paul was diagnosed with Testicular cancer in 2015, Paul is now in remission after battling the cancer with chemotherapy at Gartnaval.  As a thank you to the doctors and nurses that treated Paul, we wish to complete the challenge.  We will tee off at 0530 to begin our games, hopefully this will witness us completing at approx 8pm (with numerous aches and pains). We have placed a charity box in the changing room and have a just giving page (link below), it is our desire to raise £400, we are already half way there, however any more donations through the link to support the battle against cancer would be greatly appreciated. Scott the professional has also kindly donated a prize for our team, this will be won by the last man standing ! Players: Peter Armour, Craig Campbell, James Mclauglin and Steven Gray (average age – 150!!) If you see 4 old gents labouring on the course 20th June , please excuse their slow play !! Link to just giving page (highlight hyperlink, right click, open link): https://www.justgiving.com/Fourpaul?utm_medium=email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=20160611_70371              

  • Juniors Fight for a great Half Juniors Fight for a great Half

    Elderslie were welcomed to Erskine last night. With Erskine keen to take the points, and their first 3 players having low handicaps (2 – 8) we knew it would be a tall order to take anything from the game.  Regardless Lewis, Ben and Caolan lead the way and fought bravely to take all 3 players to the 16 and 17th hole. Behind them young Rhys, Jack and Evan utilised their handicaps to try and restore some Elderslie pride. This is where the tie heated up, all 3 Elderslie players fluctuated from being behind to even.  Confident Rhys slowly pulled away to win his game on the 16th with Evan and Jack T continuing to fight. Consistent Evan won on the 17th  with a super chip to 1ft. So it was down to Jack T , 1 down through 15, he played wonderfull to win the next to holes and half the 18th to win his match Not forgetting the reserve match with Josh C and Josh G , this resulted in a tight match that would have resulted in a Elderslie win (we ended on 17th due to timings). A great game played in a friendly manner; all the kids (and the adults) enjoyed the great food afterwards and the interesting speeches. Scores: Lewis Greenless (8) lost 3/1 Ben Campbell (8) lost 3/2 Caolan McGoldrick (11) lost 7/5 (speech!!) Evan Cole (26) won 2/1 Rhys McIlroy won 3/2 Jack Tourish won 1 up   Results so far: Caldwell away – Halved Erskine at home – […]

  • Juniors Championship Qualifiers Juniors Championship Qualifiers

    A wonderfull 20 degrees morning witnessed a fantastic turnout for this years  Junior Qualifiers. 15 juniors of all ranges (from 8 – 36 handicapps) proudly stepped up to the tee to try their best.  Special mention to the Dads (Mark, James and Connie who suffered the heat and sometimes frustration to support their kids). It was great to watch them tee off from the first and heading out to battle against the course as well as the temperatures. A long and fun day witnessed 8 players make it through to the quarter finals to be played Thu, however all the kids were winners (including the Dads, who looked like they required first aid !)   Players through: Ben Campbell/Jack Burns/Josh Campbell/Jack Tourish/Rhys McIlroy/Evan Cole/Caolan McGoldrick/Josh Gray  

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